Why Get Exome Sequencing Done?

For those who have non-medical background, exome sequencing is a method of studying an individual’s exome which account for about 85% of medical conditions and maladies that affect a person in his or her lifetime. It adopts a target sequencing approach in the study of genetic disorders that plague people around the globe. In addition to that, exome sequencing is also a great tool for the study of cancer biomarker as well as population studies. Although exomes make only 2% of the entire genome size in a person, it is invaluable in the study of variant identification.

However, to state to reasons for anyone to take exome sequencing services, here are some pretty solid ones.

  • The first reason why you want to get your exome sequencing done is the volumes of data generated. Using Illumina sequencing instruments, the test produces top quality data which is available through no other procedure.
  • Exome sequencing used standardized pipelines that lead to reliable and pinpointed detection of various coding variants. For example, it is through this method that SNPs and INDELS are detected accurately.
  • Exome sequencing is a comprehensive service which is a two-part process – first, the read mapping and second variant analysis. You want to get tailored exome sequencing service for the detailed analysis report of the identifications.
  • Bioinformatic analysis of exome sequencing highly accurate and reliable. Modern day doctors have adopted exome sequencing to identify an underlying condition and map a plan of action to fight it through preventive or corrective measures.

Exome sequencing services are offered at many certified laboratories. Illumina sequencing has made exome sequencing affordable test and can be done quickly. Talk to your doctor first before getting it done to reap the best results of the finding.

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