1. Contaminated Lake Water Metagenomics: Unveiling Chlorite-Degrading Genes and Pathways

In our exploration of lake water contaminated with industrial waste, we aimed to identify genes and pathways associated with chlorite degradation. By employing shotgun metagenomic sequencing, we unveiled a plethora of genetic information, shedding light on the microbial communities responsible for detoxifying chlorite in this challenging environment.

Microbial Community

Identified Genes


Lake Water

Chlorite degraders

Degradation Pathways




Microbial Diversity


2. Ocean Water Shotgun Metagenomics: Probing Quorum Sensing Genes

Dive into the depths of ocean water as we explore quorum sensing genes using shotgun metagenomics. Our study focuses on understanding the communication mechanisms among marine microorganisms, contributing to our knowledge of microbial interactions in ocean ecosystems.

Microbial Community

Quorum Sensing Genes

Interaction Networks

Ocean Water

Signal Molecules

Microbial Consortia




Microbial Diversity


3. Wheat Infectious Disease Metagenomics: Identifying Pathogens and Genes

In the realm of agricultural genomics, our shotgun metagenomic study targeted wheat infectious diseases. By deciphering the metagenomic makeup of diseased wheat samples, we aimed to pinpoint pathogens and unravel the genetic basis of infectious diseases affecting this crucial crop.

Microbial Community

Pathogens Detected

Disease-Related Genes

Wheat Samples

Fungal Pathogens

Virulence Factors


Bacterial Pathogens

Resistance Genes


Microbial Diversity


These case studies exemplify 1010Genome's commitment to cutting-edge shotgun metagenomic research, unraveling the mysteries of diverse environments and contributing valuable insights to fields ranging from environmental science to agriculture. For more detailed information on our methodologies and findings, explore the individual case study pages or contact our team for personalized consultations.