What is PacBio Sequencing?

PacBio sequencing, or Pacific Biosciences Sequencing, is a state-of-the-art, third-generation DNA sequencing technology that stands out for its unique approach to reading DNA. Unlike traditional short-read sequencing technologies, PacBio utilizes long-read sequencing, offering several advantages for a wide range of applications.

PacBio Sequencing Advantages

Pacbio Genome Assembly

  • Long Reads, Deep Insights: PacBio sequencing generates exceptionally long reads, spanning thousands of bases, allowing for the direct sequencing of entire genes or even entire genomes without the need for complex assembly.
  • Unbiased Sequencing: With PacBio, you can sequence through challenging genomic regions, such as repetitive sequences and structural variations, providing a more complete and accurate representation of your genome.
  • Real-Time Analysis: PacBio’s real-time sequencing technology captures the dynamics of DNA synthesis as it happens, providing a dynamic, continuous stream of sequence data. This real-time aspect is especially valuable for understanding complex biological processes.
  • Epigenetic Information: PacBio sequencing is capable of detecting DNA modifications, providing valuable insights into epigenetic regulation and contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of gene expression and function.

Applications of PacBio Sequencing

  • De Novo Genome Assembly: Achieve high-quality genome assemblies, especially in complex and repetitive regions, providing a more complete and accurate representation of the genome.
  • Structural Variant Detection: Identify and characterize structural variations with high sensitivity, offering insights into genomic rearrangements associated with diseases and population diversity.
  • Isoform Sequencing (Iso-Seq): Capture full-length transcripts, enabling accurate isoform identification and enhancing our understanding of gene expression complexity.
  • Targeted Sequencing: Focus on specific genomic regions of interest with precision, allowing for in-depth analysis of genes, regulatory elements, and other targeted sequences.

1010Genome's PacBio Sequencing Services?

Are you ready to delve into the intricacies of the human genome or explore the diversity of microbial communities? Look no further than 1010Genome's PacBio Sequencing Services. Our state-of-the-art PacBio Sequencing platform offers unparalleled accuracy, long read lengths, and exceptional coverage to empower your genomics research.

Key Highlights:

  • Our PacBio sequencing services harness the power of Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) sequencing technology. This innovative approach allows for long reads, significantly reducing assembly errors and providing a more comprehensive view of complex genomic regions.
  • From DNA isolation to data analysis, we offer end-to-end PacBio sequencing services. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to delivering high-quality results tailored to your unique project requirements.
  • Whether you are studying small genomes, large genomes, or complex metagenomes, our PacBio sequencing services are versatile enough to meet the demands of diverse research applications. Unlock the mysteries of your genome with our advanced sequencing solutions.

Our Bioinformatic Analysis Services

Our bioinformatics team specializes in extracting meaningful insights from complex genomic data. We employ cutting-edge tools and methodologies to ensure accurate variant calling, structural variant analysis, and comprehensive annotation.

De Novo Genome Assembly

Our expert bioinformaticians utilize state-of-the-art algorithms to assemble high-quality genomes from PacBio sequencing data. Whether you are working with microbial genomes or complex eukaryotic genomes, our services ensure accurate and reliable de novo assemblies.

Structural Variant Detection

Identifying structural variants is crucial for understanding the genetic basis of diseases and evolutionary processes. Our bioinformatic analysis services include advanced tools to detect and characterize structural variants, providing valuable insights into genomic diversity.

Full-Length Transcriptome Analysis

Explore the intricacies of gene expression with our full-length transcriptome analysis services. PacBio sequencing’s ability to generate long reads allows for the direct sequencing of entire transcripts, enabling accurate isoform identification and quantification.

Customized Solutions

We offer flexible service packages tailored to your specific research needs. Whether you require a single analysis or a comprehensive genomics package, our team will work with you to design a solution that meets your requirements without compromising on quality.

Why Choose 1010Genome's PacBio Sequencing Services?

  • Unrivaled Accuracy: Our PacBio Sequencing services leverage Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) sequencing technology, providing highly accurate long reads. This enables the detection of complex genomic variations, structural variants, and repetitive regions with exceptional precision.
  • Long Read Lengths: Experience the advantage of extended read lengths, allowing for the sequencing of challenging regions, such as repetitive elements and large structural variations. This capability significantly enhances the assembly of complex genomes and facilitates comprehensive analysis.
  • Comprehensive Genomic Insights: Unlock the full potential of your genomic data with our PacBio Sequencing Services. Explore previously inaccessible regions of the genome, capture full-length transcripts, and gain a comprehensive understanding of genetic variations, including indels, inversions, and translocations.
  • Customized Solutions: We understand that every research project is unique. Tailor your sequencing approach with our customizable solutions. Whether you require whole-genome sequencing, targeted sequencing, or transcriptome analysis, our experts will work with you to design a solution that meets your specific research goals.
  • Rapid Turnaround Time: At 1010Genome, we prioritize efficiency without compromising the quality of results. Benefit from our streamlined processes and experience faster turnaround times, allowing you to accelerate your research and make meaningful advancements.
  • Expert Support: Our team of experienced scientists and bioinformatics experts is dedicated to ensuring the success of your project. From project consultation to data analysis, we provide comprehensive support at every step, ensuring that you extract the maximum value from your PacBio sequencing data.
  • Cost Effective: At 1010Genome, we are committed to providing high-quality services at a cost-effective price point. We understand the importance of budget considerations in genomics research, and our PacBio Sequencing Bioinformatic Analysis Services are designed to offer exceptional value for your investment.

Partner with 1010Genome

Choose 1010Genome as your trusted partner in PacBio sequencing and bioinformatic analysis. With our cutting-edge technology, experienced team, and commitment to cost-effectiveness, we empower researchers to push the boundaries of genomics research. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how our PacBio Sequencing services can elevate your genomics research to new heights.