What is Pathway Analysis?

Pathway Analysis is a powerful approach that interprets genomic data in the context of biological pathways, helping to identify key biological processes, interactions, and relationships. By understanding how genes work together in pathways, researchers can gain a deeper insight of the biological mechanisms underlying various diseases, identify potential biomarkers, and discover new therapeutic targets.


Services Offered

  1. Pathway Enrichment Analysis

Identify overrepresented biological pathways within your genomic data. This analysis helps highlight pathways that may play a significant role in your biological context of interest.

  1. Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA)

Uncover subtle but coordinated changes in gene expression patterns within predefined sets of genes. GSEA is a powerful tool for detecting pathway-level alterations.

  1. Network Analysis

Visualize and explore the intricate relationships between genes within biological networks. Understand how genes interact to modulate cellular functions.

  1. Disease Pathway Analysis

Explore the connection between your genomic data and specific diseases. Identify pathways associated with diseases, providing crucial insights for clinical and translational research.

How It Works?

Bioinformatics Services

  1. Data Submission: Upload your genomic data.
  2. Analysis: Our advanced analysis pipeline process your data, identifying relevant pathways and biological associations.
  3. Interpretation: Receive a comprehensive report with easy-to-understand visualizations and insights into the biological pathways implicated in your genomic data.
  4.  Consultation: Our team of experts is available to discuss your results, answer questions, and provide guidance for further research.

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