1010Genome launches RNA Sequencing and Transcriptome Analysis Services

1010 Genome, a San Diego-based next generation sequencing company launches cost effective RNA sequencing and RNA Seq pipeline for gene expression and isoform studies

RNA seq and transcriptome analyses provide insights about gene expression, help to detect novel transcribed regions, splice events and additional promoters and exons. Transcript annotation studies also help to analyze the impact of transcriptional complexity on current models of key signaling pathways. RNA seq can also provide information on aberrant transcription events, like pseudogenes, fusion genes, and genome rearrangements. However, the greatest advantage is to decipher quantitative gene expression profile. Next generation sequencing enables gene expression analysis from normal and disease tissues with high-sensitivity. Profiling of coding and non-coding RNAs is important in revealing molecular mechanisms of development and disease.

1010Genome provides high quality RNA seq services. Our in-house team of laboratory scientist have vast hands-on experience handling RNA seq samples and various NGS protocols. Our robust and careful protocols for mRNA to cDNA conversion and sequencing library preparation ensure that you get the best quality sequencing data for downstream transcriptome analysis. The company has build customized RNA seq pipelines that deliver optimal results so that its customer can focus on discovery rather then analysis.

Here is a general overview of various steps for RNA seq protocol

steps for RNA seq protocol

Sample requirements and library prep information:

Service Provided Sample Requirements Library Kit Used
RNA Seq Minimum = 250 pg (DV > 25)

Minimum: 50 ng (RIN < 5)

TruSeq RNA,  TruSeq Stranded, Next era and NuGen

RNA Seq Data Analysis Overview

RNA Seq Data Analysis Overview

1010Genome’s proprietary RNA seq pipeline caters to both:

  • Reference based gene expression and transcriptome analysis – for organisms with an existing reference genome.
  • de novo assembly based transcriptome analysis – for organisms without a high quality genome or transcriptome reference.

Overview of RNA Seq Pipelines for Transcriptome Analysis

Overview of RNA Seq Pipelines for Transcriptome Analysis

Our team of bioinformaticians ensure optimal data analysis using customized RNA seq pipelines to deliver best results. In addition to short read based RNA seq transcriptome analysis, 1010Genome also offers long read sequencing and bioinformatics services. Long reads for PacBio and Oxford Nanaopre are aptly suited for isoform structure analysis and isoform diversity analysis without need to assemble reads.

Key highlights of 1010Genome’s RNA SEQ services

Key highlights of 1010Genome’s RNA SEQ services

1010Genome offers consultation, sequencing services and transcriptome analysis services. Get in touch for a no obligation discussion about your RNA Seq projects.

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