We provide data analysis services for all Next Generaton Sequencing (NGS) platform that include Illumina, Ion Torrent and Pacbio.

Illumina Data Analysis

Illumina is the sequencing power house of our time and supports multiple applications. Our data analysis team caters to the following applications:

  • Transciptome analysis (mRNA-Seq)
  • Targeted Resequencing (Exome-Seq)
  • Epigenetic regulation (Methylome-Seq)
  • Investigation of protein-DNA interactions (ChIP-Seq)
  • MicroRNA detection and expression analysis (MicroRNA-Seq)
  • Whole genome sequencing and assembly

Pacbio SMRT Sequencing Data Analysis

PacBio SMRT sequencing generated long reads that has its own unique vantage in areas of genome assembly, structural variation detection and other areas that need contiguity. Our data analysis team caters to the following applications:

  • deNovo Assembly

– All PacBio Assembly

– Hybrid Assembly (Illumina and PacBio)

– Gap Filling and Scaffolding illumina assembly with PacBio long reads

  • Iso-Seq – Full Length Transcript sequencing without assembly
  • Structural Variant Analysis

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